Research within your reach.

Have you ever wanted to collect and use data to prove what you’re doing works? That’s what we do.

We’ll help you inspire growth through research and outreach. Partner with us to navigate complicated metrics and action plans. Inform your decisions with an external perspective gained through surveys, focus groups, and case studies designed uniquely for you.

What we offer
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Experienced Data Collection and Analysis

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Clear Communication of Findings

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice (DEIBJ)

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Fresh and Actionable Insights

Our mission is to help you create a culture of belonging through a partnership in research.

Looking to hire a diverse workforce through outreach, conduct an internal climate survey, or gain fresh insights into your clients? We ensure that your findings are an excellent return on investment.

How Can We Help You?

Research can be daunting. Our vision is to make data real and accessible to you and your organization. We partner with businesses, social entrepreneurships, educational institutions, and nonprofits of all sizes to empower you and spur growth. We also encourage our clients to engage in DEIBJ work alongside us to see how it can truly transform their organization.

Our clients benefit from embracing the communities within and around their organizations. We offer diversity and inclusion training specific to your needs. We generate data that you can use through action research: research for the people doing the work.

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We offer focus groups, surveys, statistics, data collection, analysis, and more including market research, human resources needs, and more. You’ll receive direct, external and unbiased feedback from employees and customers alike.

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We provide data collection and analysis for university and college departments as well as public and private schools. You’ll receive evidence for strategic plans, accreditation, stakeholders, and beyond for your communities of pedagogical practice.

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We design and implement evaluations and impact reports. Our clients use the narratives we create to assist with grant writing. As nonprofits, we help you tell your story, and we are wholly dedicated to diversity and advocacy as we partner with you in your philanthropic outcomes.

Ready for research? Let’s talk.

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Who is Resonance?

Resonance Research & Advocacy is a team of consultants that specializes in research and inclusion for a variety of professional needs.

We advocate for access: listening, collaborating openly, accommodating needs, and sharing widely.

Because our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, we know how to ask the right questions and develop specific strategies. Our experience helps us work with you to overcome challenges along the way. Through our mission, we are fully committed to amplifying global perspectives.

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