Advocate your cause.

You know your non-profit community’s needs better than anyone, and you require outcome-based proposals and evaluations backed by inclusion-centered evidence. We use data in context as a tool to advocate for your organization’s mission.

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Connecting Your Work to Data

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Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with Philanthropy

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Bridging Advocacy and Public Good

 Our consultants recognize that the core of philanthropy is people, and we focus our efforts on access and inclusion. We understand the significant power differential between you and your donors and funding agencies. We customize our work according to your organization’s age, size, and growth trajectory.

Represent your position with confidence.

Work with us to identify what kind of data you need. Whether you choose a simple survey, assistance with grants, or a complete evaluation of your organization, our findings are always easy-to-communicate to stakeholders.

Connecting Your Work to Data

We understand that each non-profit’s mission is embedded in unique communities of care. You need data that transparently connect new and existing funding opportunities to the work you are doing. Our firm has extensive experience with grants and fundraising.

We apply proven methods to your purpose to get you the inclusion-centered findings that serve you best. Our highly qualified consultants recognize your desire to be visible, accountable, and honest with each person who invests in and relies on your organization.

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We are excited to learn about your research goals.

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Push past the population statistics.

Who are you serving, and who do you want to serve? Through focus groups and case studies, our team helps you integrate numbers with personal stories, and teaches you how to train others to do the same.

Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with Philanthropy

Your organization champions a public, social, or collective benefit. Because of this, your data and related findings should fully integrate equity and inclusion with lived experience. Diversity is so much more than social media trends or boxes to check on an application. Our team of professional researchers will collaborate with you to foster a deeper understanding of advocacy through DEI and help to develop the most comprehensive picture of excellence in action.

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Let’s start a conversation.

Call our office at 540.632.0060 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday, or fill out the secure form below and one of our team members will promptly return your message.

Build a stronger foundation.

We work with you in your mission of service using focus groups, surveys, and more tools to invigorate your relationship with your community.

Bridging Awareness and Public Good

We recognize that your data create a powerful and meaningful narrative for your community. We also understand that maintaining public confidence and raising awareness require focusing intently on your mission. We will take care of your data and manage any constraints for you, freeing you up to bolster trust among those who invest their energy, time, and money in your non-profit.

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