Implement excellence.

Because you need to inform and challenge your stakeholders with clear evidence, we help you and your institution move beyond data as just a science. We guide you toward a deeper understanding of  the diverse stories within your communities of practice.

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Data-Driven Designs and Methods

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Fully Integrated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

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Bridging Narrative and Community

Our team of consultants knows the imperative of integrating DEI and data. Our firm will help you envision and map out your projects, evaluate your programs, and communicate the context-rich results you need.

Approach the numbers head on.

Our team integrates applied research to your organization’s specifications. We give you statistical findings that are easy to understand and implement as you see fit.

Data-Driven Designs and Methods

We listen and learn about you first. Our consultants will help you mix qualitative and quantitative research methods to align with the scope of your projects. We consistently apply tested frameworks to new and emerging questions as we get to the specifics of your organization’s needs. We ensure access and DEI take top priority in working with participants.

Our firm has considerable experience working on institutional projects and grant-funded research. We build statistical models and conduct iterative focus groups and interviews. We combine these approaches to draw out data that answer your questions. Our highly qualified consultants have disseminated research at regional and national conferences and have published in peer-reviewed journals.

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We are excited to learn about your research goals.

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Engage with real stories.

The focus groups we conduct paint a multifaceted picture of diverse perspectives. We specialize in delivering findings that resonate with your questions.

Fully Integrated DEI

Our team of professional researchers will collaborate with you to foster a mutual understanding of advocacy in DEI and help you to develop the most comprehensive picture of excellence in action. Diversity is more than just a box on a checklist or a trend on social media. You deserve findings that integrate equity and inclusion with lived experience.

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Let’s start a conversation.

Call our office at 540.632.0060 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday, or fill out the secure form below and one of our team members will promptly return your message.

Center inclusion.

Our team learns with you and wants you to join us in integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our work for your organization. 

Bridging Narrative and Community

No one knows your communities of practice better than you. We will partner with you to precisely tailor the scholarly presentation of your findings to your audience, however general or specific. We recognize that your data create a powerful and meaningful narrative for your community. We will help facilitate accessible research design and evidence from beginning to end.

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